Mumbai 7/11 blasts…horrific act of terrorism

Yesterday was a shocker! 7 blasts ripped Mumbai, which once again had to face the insensitive act of terrorism and immense damage.
It is bad..( i just feel at a loss of words to condemn this act which has taken away innocent lives) .
I shiver when I imagine the plight of unsuspecting people who would have boarded that fateful train last evening. Moreso, the plight of the family of those who were affected.
Infact today’s newspaper said it all… the attacks appeared meticulously planned. 11 blasts through out the day. 4 in Srinagar and 7 in mumbai. The timeline made a mockery of the intelligence system in this country. Blasts starting from morning and taking a break at 2:45 pm (lunch break maybe – pun not intended) and then resuming at 6:25 pm in Mumbai.

The timed precision of the blasts have shaken the very foundations of the belief that we are safe in our own country.

Killing innocent people to make a statement is a highly shamful act of cowardice. Whoever reads this piece, please leave your comment and appeal.

I hope god shows mercy and gives strength to the people of mumbai in this hour of distress.

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  1. Suresh says:

    1) Useless politicians visited the place.. just to show that they are also concerned!! They can redirect their energies elsewhere, like arranging transportation, medical assistance etc.,

    2) Responses from Govt. say that they will act on it. How? We have heard this lie for a long time, do something now!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The incompetence of the powers that be has come once again to the fore. Showing genuine concern to people’s safety would lie in preventing these attacks and publicisingthat fact. Doing that will generate confidence in the establishment. But then, how can you protect 10 million people who travel in the trains.
    Certainly, politicians need not visit the place. Instead of providing protection to such undeserving people, police can instead concentrate on the ones who matter the most “the public”. Is anybody listening?

  3. andyspeak says:

    Amid all this chaos, it was heartening to see the spirit of Mumbai. The city bounced back to its feet. Great Going Mumbai, you have shown that cowards dont have enuff steam to supress you..


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