Solo Breakfast Ride to Hosur – Sunday 28-May-06.

After a good 5 months of not being able to participate in any rides, I had decided, enuff-was-enuff! Every ride was getting more and more jinxed. So finally decided to take out the bike and break the jinx once and for all!! Luckily a Sunday was coming up so decided on an impromptu breakfast ride.. It was a very short one by any standards ….. Hardly 200kms to and fro. But it was exciting nevertheless. After all, January (rider mania – BLR-CHN-BLR) was the last big ride that I had…
It was decided that we (me and anshu) will go and have breakfast at our favorite biker joint at Hosur Road – 5 Star Sagar family restaurant. Usually, on that route towards Yellagir/yercaud, the bikers prefer to halt here because it is bang on the HP petrol pump. Food is no great shakes but it definitely reeks of the flavor of adventure.
While we were riding, we met our rider friend Anil from RTMC, who was Belting away to glory…he was on his way to yellagiri to catch up with the other biker boyz who had congregated there the day before…. So we had breakfast together. And after the customary photo-op in front of 5-star Hotel, he zipped away towards yellagiri, while we took a U turn at krishnagiri flyover and zipped back to bangalore..
Totol ODO reading 200 kms.
Avg. Cruising speed 85kmph (No ripping – only taking in the scenic beauty)

The high point of the ride was the return path! We say 3 Big Performance Bikes (1000 cc) One was aHonda CBR, there was one Ninja (I believe it is a Kawasaki, and the third one I could not see the name).

They had halted on the shoulder for rest when we passed them. Then after about 3 minutes, All I remember hearing was a lowd WHHOOOOOM – and within seconds they had gone far ahead. Man that was some power!! Too bad I was riding at that time and could not click pictures of them!!
On the whole It was certainly a short and exhilirating ride and defintely a good way to break out of the rut. I am sure my wife and I will be doing more of such stuff in the future.

Some pictures are attached, which I will also be putting up in my blog!


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  1. aNoop aka -xh- says:

    whew..thazt a good b’fast… havnt been to any ride for a looooong time, and me too trying to break the jinx…but, every weekend some thing or other spoils the party…enjoy riding yaar…

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