Nostalgic Memories.

In the month of January, this year, a thought crossed my mind. I thought about creating an online community. Now the big problem arose, as to what would that community deal with, because there were already a zillion online usenet groups and mail groups which dealt with every conceivable topic on the internet.
And then the light of idea glowed – I thought why not create a community of all the old friends from school who passed in the year 1994, along with me? And a group was floated, with the faint hope that one day, it will have on its list, if not all, atleast most of the people with whom I spent my teen years in school.
And guess what… is may’06 and it is happening. The whole thing is gathering momentum now and the last week was really great! we got almost 6 of our long lost friends into the fold.
And we are still counting..
I am sure this time around our gettogether is going to be a Rocking affair.

One feels extremely happy to know that all one;s friends have reached somewhere in life. They are all now well settled and have gracefully taken over the responsibilities of adulthood. But then it is also amazing to witness the cycle of life right in front of you….here you are among friends, who studied with you and now you realize most of them have become mummies and daddies themselves…..One cannot explain that euphoria…only to be felt!

After about 6 months of it’s existence, I strongly feel the effort was worth it.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mustang says:

    ill tell you what.. ther’s this community called orkut….. you should try creating a community there for your friends..

    just a thought…


  2. andyspeak says:

    thanks mustang,
    i am aware of orkut. But i am unable to get in.

    Moreover i am more familiar with administering group on yahoo so i chose this..

    Thanks anyway..


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