My Moment of Truth!


Yesterday, After all the months of learning, and waiting…..finally the day arrived, when I was to service my bike myself…and become a real biker!
Thanks all the sunny afternoons spent at Nandan’s Garage learning the nitty grittys of the Bike, It was certainly a very exciting morning yesterday.
I had planned my activity to include Filter (Air/Oil) change, Drain and change Engine Oil and Tune (Rather attempt to tune the Carb) and adjust the tappets.
While I was draining the oil on the bike, I had all the tools sprawled in front of my house and Had the bike oozing oil onto a collector tray. Man I could feel so many eyes staring at me..As such the bullet evokes emotions of awe, and to top it when people see a rider maintaining his own bike, which is still a rarity, it inspires more awe!
I learnt several things in the process. The most important being, the allen key can get damaged very easily, when trying to unscrew the left side dome!! Need to take more care with that and also need to get another set of Allen key for next time.
The excitement began right from the point when I set out to buy a cheap plastic tray to collect the old Engine Oil and a small funnel to fill it up. These, I managed to get at my local Utensil shop.
Then I went and purchased the oils – I needed two different grades of oils here, so bought them from a nearby store and set out to carry on with my activity.
May I must say that when I finished doing all that, I was soild from top to bottom but my heart had a strange exhilirating feeling. I finally Became a real biker!!
Soon I will be looking into other avenues of performance of my bike and eventually this is going to develop as 100% *MY* bike and not some stock production piece which is just like 100 others of its ilk!
And thanks to one piece of advice from Nandan – once that actually reduced my tensions quite abit – is that one need not do *all* the work at one go! One can split the tasks and do it at different times and note the Odo readings as to when it was done and when it should be due next time!
And Nandan, if you read this – thanks for teaching me how to do this myself man!! It is indeed a great feeling!!


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  1. BJ says:

    Wow…you have a pretty uptodate blog and you already know about your bullet a lot 🙂 Thanks for visting by my blog.


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