Accolades (for a change) to Bangalore!!

In the past, in this blog, there has been quite some “Bangalore Bashing” in the area of general infrastructure and government apathy in the state.
But yesterday was different. I came across something which I have seen *only* here and was really impressed and amazed! Here’s the story.
Yesterday was the last day to pay my electricity bill. And I was worried because I did not know where it is paid. Ok before you wonder about it, I always pay the electricity bill online, so I never bothered to find out where it is deposited, just in case you have to pay cash someday!! And that day was yesterday. Somehow It just slipped my mind and suddenly I realized that it was the last day already!! And the online payments are accepted only upto 2 days before the last day of payment…
So I asked our neighbours and what they said was the sweetest thing I had heard about this city. I was informed that apart from the electricity supply board office, there was an Integrated citizen servicing facilty, right in our neighbourhood called Bangalore One! And guess what, they are open 24 hours a day…….yeah you read that right… can pay your water bill at 2 am while returning from a party….whoa man!! that was something.
I expected that I would be charged something “extra” for this service, but nevertheless, I was more keen on settling the electricity bill on time! So I set out to check it out.
It was a nice and neat place and the *total* time taken to get a token; pay the bill; get the receipt and get out of the place was less than 3 (THREE) minutes…Simply unheard of in delhi .
And that too at no extra cost or service charge. And what more, the place is open 24 hrs (something which could be only expected from the IT hub of India). Incredible is all I can think of.
Keep it up Bangalore – this one of the really praiseworthy stuff that this city can boast of. I am sure I am going to use more of their services as long as I am here!!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dude.. wake up that service has been in place from so many years. Why bangalore one, you can go directly to a KEB office and use one of their kiosks to pay the bill. It is so easy and convenient..

  2. andyspeak says:

    Dude–whoever you are,
    THe service may have been for many years. But I have been for less than 2 years. So it is natural to know about it with passage of time! And in these two years, barring this one instance of good service, everywhere i have only seen potholes, slow service and sheer bad attitude!
    No offence – but the nature of the natives here sort of reflects in your comment! you could not even accept praise without giving attitude!

  3. Anonymous says:

    FYI i am not a native of bangalore and was just trying to tell you abt the kiosk facility…

    No offence or not the below line shows ur attitude and upbringing for sure..

    but the nature of the natives here sort of reflects in your comment! you could not even accept praise without giving attitude!

  4. andyspeak says:

    My Apologies.
    Looks like we both think on different wavelengths.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. Anonymous says:

    No probs man!!! Keep blogging

  6. Mustang says:

    well, guess it is time to wake up and find out new things abt blore..
    read from adi’s blog that you ride with RTMC….. cool…me a part of MBMC…should meet sometime..

    cheers mate

  7. Mustang says:

    hi andy..

    great to hear from you..ya, should meet up sometime..wil you be riding with RTMC for the MBMC 4A ride to coonoor?

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