And…the best actress award goes to………..sania mirza!!!

Ok! you must be wondering who this dud (myself) is – who thinks that sania mirza is an actress. Many of you would actually like to email me with the profound information that this lady is actually, a tennis player.
Oh i see! really? But then – picture this everytime i see her on TV, I hardly see her playing tennis! She is either selling chai, promoting a car, marketing jewellery, and what else??? oh yes, recently i also saw her in a cold drink ad!
And i guess she also ‘acts’ as a tennis player. I guess that is the biggest reason why she must get the best actress award. Because, had she been a tennis player, she’d be concentrating on winning tournaments, rather than giving sound bytes and modeling and getting accolades for her blue salwar kameez…but then I must admit that like all actresses, she too looks terrific. Ethnic chick and all that…
And when it comes to the game, she is the darling of the media. It has almost become routine to see a large headline screaming “Sania, enters second round or third round of xyz tournament” and imediately the next day somewhere in a corner, in small print it is mentioned that Sania crashes out of tournament.
Hey I really feel that India needs representation in the tennis arena by virtue of game winning and not merely modeling on the tennis court.
The recent match about 2 days ago, where she lost, to a gritty 16 year old, is a case in point.
Once again I rant about her amazing acting skills because inspite of “not” winning international level tournaments, she manages to make so much money!!!
Hey sania, get your act (pun not intended) together and play some tennis, for once we would like to see you in the news for *winning* a tournament – and not merely for sex appeal!!
Till then with the strong recommendation to the president’s national award commitee, to give you the award for the “best actress in a sporting role” ever, i rest my case.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey dud, nice write-up and very pertinent thoughts….

    i agree to what u r saying…. all the sanias and dravids and tendulkars and warnes and beckhams and rodhes should be in news for their game rather than endorsments, but……
    1) short lived careers, short lived fames that they have let them make money when the sun shines
    2) if people did not demand i they would not do it
    3) don’t you think all of us are actors… we all act in our everyday lives as well, only difference is they get public attention!!


    PS do keep up writing good stuff like this

  2. andyspeak says:

    >3) don’t you think all of us are
    >actors… we all act in our everyday
    >lives as well, only difference is
    >they get public attention!!
    Yes we all do a little bit of the acting but i guess not in the primary area of activity! And most of us (i hope that includes you too) dont ‘act’ our professions! but actually be real and excel in it!!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Sudha says:

    Have you seen her play? She might be doing number of commercials and raking in money, but she’s good at her work as well. She’s just going thro’ a rough patch. One cant expect her to always perform her best!

  4. andyspeak says:

    >She’s just going thro’ a rough patch.
    >One cant expect her to always perform
    >her best!
    I see! Never read a news item lately, speaking about her winning a complete tournament!! Just not worth Idolising to the extent it is happening.
    I am not against encouraging young talent! But hey! there has to be some accountability too.. what say? May be I have been a little too critical here. But then most people may think that I have been too critical, is because, the media adulation for mediocrity is too overwhelming in this country!
    Cheers! ANd thanks for stopping by.

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