Mumbai – Shame On You!!!!

It was indeed a shameful moment in the history of Cricket. And an example of bad attitude by mumbaikars.
Sachin tendulkar (a.k.a Master Blaster) was booed back to the pavilion because he scored a single run!!!
Accepted that it was sad. Butwhy this over dependenence on one single soul? Let the guy live his life and play his game. Why put so much preassure on him. After all, no matter who it is, it is virtually impossible to hit a century in *every* match that a batsman sets foot on. I felt sad for him because within a fraction of a second the entire crowd in Mumbai forgot all the accolades that he had won and all the name and fame that he had earned and the amount of respect that he brought to Maharashtra cricket!
Disgusting to say the least!
Thankfully, this time it was not the media which over reacted. But it merely reported the reaction of the people of Mumbai, who literally demanded their pound of flesh from Sachin!
Comon, what right do you (Mumbai) have to Boo a player of the caliber and maturity of Sachin Tendulkar?? You did not make him what he is today! He reached the pinnacle of his career solely on his on efforts and talent! And No doubt he is part of the national team and is answerable to the national pride in cricket (in this cricket crazy country). But in no situation should a player of his stature be insulted and let down by his country like this!!
His expression speaks volumes and his eyes were looking for a small ray of supportiveness, where he found none ….. only hostility!! So much for serving the national team!!

I would like to end this piece on a personal comment that: Sachin was – is – and will be counted amongst cricket’s greatest no matter what! Bad patches are part of every sportsperson’s …. rather every person’s life. So over reacting to it is not the solution!! One needs to be calm and it will pass. Sachin too will definitely bounce back and prove to the world.. Just one century and the same hypocrisy laden Mumbai will be kissing his feet!!
And regarding his retirement – IT IS NOBODY’s DAMN BUSINESS To even discuss this. It is purely his call. The day he feels he has had enough of this , he will retire. till then We all need to support and encourage him and Let Sachin Know that the country still loves him and will standby him in thick or thin!
— cricket hater!
also read “Sachin Forever”.
If you chance by this writup some time. Please do comment on this issue. I’d want to know what people think on this issue!!
Cheers! And God Bless.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Though not a gifted writer as anand, i can say i second his opinion.

    No single match can test try a champion for good.

    But that said , i would further like to see him back in his original form driving the balls back to boundaraies, scaring the shit out of bowlers.

    We love you sachin.

    -Siva , MIC
    (Most Ignorant Cricketfan)

  2. arun reddy says: too had the same thoughts at

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