One rainfall is all that it takes…..

A whole bus submerged…..not in a river…but in the furious flow of sewage and filth!!! All it takes is one evening of rainfall to blast to pieces, all the tall claims of the govt. regarding te infrastructure.
And that too this was an unseasonal out of place rain which sort of played havoc!
I;d say this is a preview of what is in store for Bangalore, this coming monsoons, expected to beat the city down anytime around April.
‘Stormwater Drain’ is a term which I learnt only after relocating to Bangalore two years ago. To this date I regret my decision (but then I also have to admit that my career got a much needed boost *only* because of the Bangalore element in my resume – I belong to the burgeoning IT industry.) of coming to this city leaving behind the amazing Delhi.
Funny thing, worth mentioning here. Most Bangalore natives are acutly conscious of the sad state of affairs and harbor a serious complex. Because every bangalorean that I have met has “without fail” asked me, so how does bangalore fare when compared to delhi? And I mince no words when I say that it SUX!
Man what with stupid drivers all around you on the road.. you just dont know from where you will be overtaken and maybe even run over….with no sign of remorse at all. And traffic management is even worse. the moment the clock strikes 8:00 pm the traffic cop manning any crossing will pack up and go home. Beyond that point, may the traffic go to the dogs!!!
Today;s front page photo was frightening to say the least. If one afternoon of rainfall can drown a bus, infact I also got a call from a friend of mine, whose car went down under. He got it pulled out and it was drenched upto the dashboard, then imagine the amount of damage that can be done this year.
God save Bangalore.


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