Nandan……and the art of Bullet maintenance!

Ok. As i promised in the previous post, the “tommorrow” got stretched. I admit.
But then this past sunday was a real learning experience with the bullet!
This time I opened up the clutch cable (completely pulled out); the carbeuretter and yes I also loved it when I got to remove the petrol tank from the beast. This is one component which endows the bullet its “beastly” looks. It was a terrific feeling to hold it in my hands.
Also again I had to adjust my tappets as they were still very noisy.
And doing that, was another great learning experience because I learnt it the hardway that even when we make the most perfect adjustment, it can be messed up by zealously tightening the lock nut. So it is best to gradually adjust while also tightening the locknut slowly. This way the optimal setting will be reached….and more importantly it will stay!
Now in the later part of the adventure on sunday, while fixiing the clutch cable back, I screwed up (the way all newbies do) and probably forgot to tighten the clutch lock nut properly! So yesterday, while riding, suddenly the clutch got engaged permanently! it never disengaged. Much to my chargin, the bike would move in gear even when the clutch lever is completely pressed. And several times it would go off. I must say that it is irritating to keep starting up the bullet in the middle of maniacal traffic.
So today morning, I again got to work on the clutch and this time, apart from tightening the setting, I also ensured that I tightened the locknut properly.
Phew, this is onething that I am not going to forget for a long long time to come.
NowI am left with re-adjusting the tappets, hopefullly for the last time before the next service becomes due. And also re-work the rear wheel alignment! The tilt in the handle is very very irritating! But now thanks to the weekend sessions with Nandan, My confidence levels are soaring as never before, And I am very sure that I can fix it myself!!


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