Rider Mania’06 – conquered NH4

Came back yesterday (safe and sound :-p) After attending Rider Mania 2006, the annual event organized for and by bullet lovers, of course in collaboration with Royal Enfield.
this time it was in Chennai (not exactly city, but more of that later…) so hosts were the Mad Bulls (Madras Bullet group) and the venue was Casuarina Bay, Beach resort. Nice and comfy place – absolutely boring food!

Day 1:
the plan was for some people (from south Bangalore) to meet at the usual Raheja parking lot and then regroup with some people under the hanging bridge towards old madras road.
ON reaching there, was totally surprised that there was agood chunk of junta waiting to go – after all the talk about leaving on friday and all that – I believe it was a sizeable chunk of people who decided to leave on saturday morning.

Started off on Old madras road – man I must say that the cold was too much – absolutely chilly. I dont mind saying that I totally underestimated the Bangalore Cold- Just could not go beyond 60kmph initially. And it was me who proposed that we leave at 4 in the morning (LOL).
The early morning looked absolutely stunning. Too bad we werent stopping at that time and too bad I was not carrying my camera!
First stop was in Palmner for breakfast – greenpark hotel. Really appreciated the nice and warm Pongal and the slightly cold vada along with a nice and crispy dosa – all washed down with a special coffee.
The route was Bangalore-Palmner-chittoor-ranipet-kanjeevaram-vandalur-kelambakkan and then the venue (kovalam) – about 20 odd kms before Mahabs (That is the newage name for Mahaballipuram) on the ECR (East Coast Road).
A largely uneventful ride with ripping begining around 11:00 am when the sun was out completely and there were no visibility issues. Finally I managed to break the mental block of the 100kmph barrier – this time i ripped te bull at 110kmph for a good distance and managed keep close to Monster (muthu’s bike) and Hurricane (Vodka was riding this one).
Man monster, was true to its name in terms of the thump as well as te speed and pickup.. simply terrorizing I say!
Reached the place around 2:30 pm on saturday and learnt that the pondy gang had not yet reached! Instead they had gone to Mahabs for a crab feast….. caman the total enjaiment!
Along withus rode in the Royal Beasts (The Bullet group from Delhi). Man their entry was really tycal of the delhi style — full shosha full shore sharaba —
They all had ridden down 3500 kms all the way from Delhi in about 8 days. They assembled infront of the gate and started making a music with their throttles…..
what a way to enter! Then came the roadshakers fromPune.. somebody was constantly misfiring the engine to make up for some fireworks!
…..to be continued…


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  1. Anonymous says:


    am excited to know more…
    when will you write rest of the stuff????

    – anshu

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