Deja Vu from my old long lost blog

Deja Vu

My school…I have real sweet’n’sour memories of that institution, which is the stepping stone of ones life!

I have been associated with two very good institutions as part of my schooling. One witnessed my childhood….the little baby who learnt the alphabets and the numbers and eventually grew up for subjects and excersices. The other witnessed the transition….the “oh so painful” transition from chilhood to adolescence! The growing up pains, the defiance, that first crush. It saw it all! And it just stood there. Silently witnessing, the change…..the child transformed to a boy and the boy getting a foot hold, who would eventually shed the teenage skin and fly into the open world as a man..

When I joined that school, I was a nobody. An anonymous little fry whom no one would even bother to look around for. and in the 10 years that I spent there, gradually the Mr. Nobody started becoming somebody. Somebody who was known around school. And somebody who people will remember, if not for the rest of their lives, then atleast for a couple of years.

There used to be a time, when I – the Mr. Nobody – used to get selected for all the odd jobs during school functions, such as moving furniture on stage, and running errands. Once when I was sitting on the sidelines, and a prize distribution was going on….I just thought to myself, “Will I ever climb those stairs on to the stage, and that too in front of an audience???” I used to wonder what must be going on in the minds of those people who did climb those 4 stairs and get that prize for some cute achivement that they pulled off!

Then after 9 long years recognition came! And how? I was elected school captain one day. This was my last year of school and man……what a year it was.! So full of activities. Studies/extra curricular/OSAs (OSAs stand for One Sided Affairs/Crushes — never had the nerve to tell the girl how i felt – I really laugh at myself when I look back!). What a big deal it was…….to climb those stairs on to the stage was probably the most exhilarting momemnt in my life till then! A memory to cherish!


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