music review.:: rabbi

Okwey….before most of you sigh…”Old stuff”….read is what I would urge!.

Apparently, there is more to rabbi than the popular “bulla ki jana…” hit number.

His voice is not jarring and feels like hot chocolate on a rainy day! The album contains a few gems and he has done the whole range of low and high pitches.

One of my personal favorites is “Tere Bin…” It is the cry of a lovelorn lad for his lady, from the bottom of his heart! Really amazing lyrics.

Talking about lyrics….the high point of this album is that the lyrics have been provided inthe case and even better…the entire song words (Punjabi) is translated in English.

It is only this ….. which actually leads you to understand the depth of the poetry and appreciate it in ood measure..

Certain words are “theth” punjabi (spoken in interior punjab) which many of us ‘shehri mundey’ would not have even heard of! But thanks to word meanings provided, the flavor of the songs increased manyfold!

Another noteworthy song in the album is “jugnee”.

Jugni, an Ornament worn around the neck.

Is also a popular Folk Song Format, involves a Itenerant female character called Jugni. Her travels and Anecdotes

Here is Jugni Reinterpreted.

Re Interpreted….yes. Usually all the versions of Jugni,, that I have heard are funny and witty compilations usually with a lot of flirting and leg pulling.

But Rabbi’s version consists of extremely sombre tones and explores the state of this nation….as seen from the grass roots. Deals with a lot of current issues such as terrorism, unemployment, population, stress…and so on.. And takes a cynical view of the nation as viewd from 4 strategic focal points, which reveal a lot about our country; Kashmir, Punjab, Bambai (Mumbai) and Dilli (New Delhi).

Gill te guitar…talks about 4 buddies, who drift away from each other while doing the business of life. Full of nostalgia..almost took me back to those good ol’ days when I used to hang out with friends…..not much cash…but stilll lots of aish!!!…..sigh…those were the days!

The album consists of 9 excellently composed songs, all with an earthy feel to it. yes someplaces he has used a generous sprinkling of rock. But the choice is judicious and it blends neatly with the theme and tone of the song. Ofcourse all songs may not be equally liked but I think 7 out of 9 is a pretty pretty decent score for an album. 2 songs are ok ok types…not bad really…considering the talent ofthe artist. But Nothing noteworthy about them.

recommended (in no particular order):

  • tere bin – {I played this song close to 20 times in one particular sitting}

  • totia manmotia

  • Gill te Guitar

  • heer

  • ishtihar

  • jugni

And of course, it would be gross injustice to Rabbi, If this piece would end without mention of the popular “Bulla Ki Jaana…..”. It is not just a song. It is an introspection…the eternal search….who am I and why am I here on this beautiful earth? The original poetry is by an ancient Sufi Saint, Bulla Shah, but the musical arrangement and the usage of the guitar is really amazing!

I think for 150 bucks it is tremendous deal — only if you are a true music lover.

way to go rabbi…..


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    Good… Andy boy….
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