on the recent murder of a call center employee….

What has this city come to? Lastweek witnessed a gruesome rape and murder of a BPO (Call center) employee in the wee hours of the morning, by none other than a cab driver who was entrusted with the responsibility of ferrying her to office.
Well the incident was definitely shocking, but according to may industry veterans, it was a disaster just waiting to happen. With globalization becoming the mood of the market and offshoring to india being the way it is, 24 X 7 is gradually becoming the norm in places, especially the ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) sector. And erratic working hours, sort of come with the package!.
The BPO sector largely outsources logistics and I dont think there is *any* background check done on the drivers, a.k.a, cabbies. And the logistics is outsourced to the lowest bidder! In such circumstance, the quality and character of the person’s hired for driving the cab cannot be guaranteed. And one such person took advantage of a female passenger last week and then raped and murdered her.
In all this muck, the one ray of light is that the lowly man was apprehended and is in Police Custody. Much has been already written about the what and the how. So would not like to re-iterate all those detials. But yes it is sad that the couple were newly weds and to lose a life partner in this fashion is just unthinkable – honestly it sent shivers down my spine! May god give the gentleman all the courage in the world, in this hour of grief.

What Next?
Now that the criminal has been caught, it is time for some action on part of the judiciary! Our country has lawas which keep dragging on and on and on! Some times the perptrators of the crime dies but still there is no trial in sight. For cases like this where there is a double whammy! Rape and murder, there must be a separate fast-track court and once proven guilty, the punishment must not be “life imprisonment” or “capital punishment” — these people just dont deserve “instant death”.
They must be put to death in the MOST GRUESOME manner possible. First tying them up and then start chopping off body parts one by one, inch – by inch – letting the person bleed – again, no anastesia to be used, and as and when the criminal says sorry, sprinkle some salt on the open wounds. Or may be stone the person to death. All this may sound too gory to most, but then the crime in quesiton is even worse! – they deserve this treatment….. and since these people are not human (at least not in their thinking, else why would they commit sucha a henious crime?) so there is just no question of human rights for these low lifes.
I just hope this sort of punishment is given to them so that it acts as a deterrant to others who get such criminal ideas.


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  1. andyspeak says:

    It is encouraging to know that the culprit was apprehended.

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