Sachin Forever!

Sunday, December 11, 2005 :: 8:38 AM
“BATMAN FOREVER” screamed the Sunday morning newspaper. Being a self confessed ‘cricket hater’ it was only at that moment that I realized that big celebrations would have been happening right from last evening! And I had missed out on a very significant moment of history….
Sachin Tendulkar, arguably one of the greatest willow weilder in the world…cracked his 35th Test century. Honestly speaking right from as far as I can remember, I never really followed cricket. Never played the game. And infact feel that I can never tell the difference between a square cut and a cover drive. In fact I watch a cricket match on the telly…only if it is a One Day match and if india is playing….. and that too I catchup only the last 2-3 hours, when the whole thing is feverishly exciting.
Ok, thats my take on the game. But this morning, inspite of all my indifference towards the game of cricket, I could not help picking up the paper and the first things that I read was the entire first page dedicated to the Little Master. It was great to read the little known facts about a well known man. And while I was at it, it reminded me of a small editorial piece that I read a couple of days ago in the TOI. It was about Amitabh Bachchan and written by somebody who was as indifferent towards the movies, as I was towards cricket. And he had described that being an icon was to be recognized and respected by somebody who really did not know the celebrity’s field of activity. For example, the author had great respect for the Big B even though he did not watch movies. The reason I quote this here, is to impress upon the fact that Sachin tendulkar is also decidedly an ICON. Because i respect him greatly, inspite of not knowing or understanding anything about the game he plays!
Today was an awakening no matter what the media writes about the public figure, it doesnt matter to them. They are totally focusssed about their life’s goals and then they go for it to achieve it. Sachin’s 35th century also rings of similar tones.. Whenever in the company of certain ‘cricket freaks’ as I like to call them, I have heared this rumour several times that Sachin is avoiding his 35th century on purpose – just to keep afloat the record of his Mentor Sunil Gavaskar. — What a way to shatter that rumour to pieces — Is all that I can say after reading about his success yesterday at kotla. 16:44:19 is the time quoted – when the last frontier was broken – and has become immortalised in the history of INdian cricket as the magic moment when the little magician proved his critics wrong and created history for himself, for his country and for the game of cricket.
It has been nothing short of inspiring to read about a man, who rised from the sidelines and worked his way to being counted among the greatest of the great in cricketing history. Although I dont follow the game, what I did learn from him — never let go of your dreams. Believe in them and they will *definitely* happen one day! That is a guarantee.
— cricket hater.


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