Ma-In-Law. travel fiasco…Comedy of errors!

This was a really funny (not just ordinary funny, but ‘really’ funny) incident in the family last week!
What a great deal of turmoil it was….oh my gosh! Three states of the country put into a whirlwind of activity and frantic manhunt.

They were Palwal (Haryana); Udaipur (Rajasthan) and last but not the least Bangalore (Karnataka). All three cities were runinning on high alert The reason?

My mother in law had gon missing!!! And put everybodyy in a state of acute panic!

Here’s how it all began…..
She was to travel to Mount-Abu – a veru picuresque temple town in Rajasthan, spand a couple of days there at an ashram and then go to Udaipur (also in Rajasthan).
The plan was that on the last day of stay at Mount Abu, she would discuss the route/travel plans on how to reach udaipur from Mount Abu!
On the last day of stay, as per plans, my f-i-l called her at night, to discuss her itenary for the next morning…… no response – this was around 9 pm. Again called after an hour…. same story….kept getting call back messages that the phone is not reacheable or out of coverage area!

In the morning He tried again and could not get throug…… this was wen serious panic set in. he called in and informed my wife. And by the time my wife called to inform me, she was in tears and audibly out of control.

I tried to pacify her to some extent but I could see that I wasnt cutting too much ice here… I advised that it could be one of the three situations: a. the batteries are down; b. the phone was switched off at night and she forgot to switch it back on or c. she lost her cellphone! why panic? she is no schoolkid!! I exclaimed.

But no use was her mom after all. I realized that.. But then what could we do sitting in Bangalore. We did not know what time she left the place…..did she leave the place in the first place or not…and as long as she was in transit, she was untracable.

Gradually the tension of the plot began to thicken..frantic calling began.

I somehow found out the number of Abu Road station (at the foothills of Mount Abu). And requested the person to announce a couple of times in the statio that a person of such and such description should call home as soon as she hears this message. This was done a couple of time.

Also the same announcements were arranged for in the ashram that she was staying in…
But nothing turned up. IN all probability this was a wild goose chase because eventhough announcing in the statio was a smart move, we were not in the know whether she will actually take the train or not!

So untill evening, we had no choice but to wait. Atleast till 4 PM. 4 PM because all these frantic callings led to some crucial information also that she had left the town in the morning and had boarded a h]bus going to udaipur. Phew….that was arelief. This supposedly happened at 10:00 am. And since roughly 6 hours is what it takes by road from Mount Abu to Udaipur, we had to wait till 4 pm..

And in the eveining, at 4 everybody was relieved when we got a call from Udaipur that she had reached safely! PHEW!!!!

What an end to the high drama…. when asked why she didnt call or inform, she just said that she was waiting for a call herself! And never came to know when the cellphone got switched off!!



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  1. Anonymous says:


    You have not left my mom too!!!


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