Of Body Builders and arm wrestlers and generally heavy weight guys…..

One alwayes feels elated after meeting like minded people..There is an unsaid bond which is shared, when you meet somebody who speaks with the same levels of enthusiasm and shares the same levels of excitement as yourself.

One such group of people just happens to be in my workplace!

two amazing guys with a deep rooted interest in Body Building/Arm wrestling and generally in that area.

Was chatting up one of them this afternoon and was amazing.

So surely there are going to be more and more posts on this subject soon….As body building happens to be my passion too.


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  1. kk says:

    It was on Dec 1st when Aanand introduced me to the other enthu for the finals of Arm Wrestling but was stuck with my work and was deferring to come down and meet him for the event.The clock stuck and we finally met and he finally WON .Then i SMS’ed u “HE WON” and believe me some time down the line ,iam going to make you SMS me IAM THE CHAMP.


  2. Siva says:

    If you can forgive a boast, I am a pro. It is more tougher than you think, what is required to defeat me. 🙂 .

    By the way for who are out of the loop, i was the champ KK was refering to.

  3. andyspeak says:

    hey KK,
    Didnt know that you also had a blog!
    Tried accessing http://rocku4ever.blogspot.com and it says URL is not found. Looks like you have;t started putting stuff in it!

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