short weekend trip

9:20 AM 11/12/2005Travelling on the dreaded dharmapuri salem road (NH 7). well if this is the state of the NH, then you can well imagine the state of the other roads in the cities and villages.
Our driver is throwing us about quite abit. But then cant really blame the poor guy. He is only trying to drive some sanity in this insane trucker infes roads.
While we are on this bumpy ride, let me narrate how the day began….with the shrill sound of my Motorola Alarm ofcourse. The poor thing blasted off, first at quarter to 5 in the morning, then was snubbed, to go off again at 5:05 am. And then in around 2 minutes, I finally decided to relinquish the bed and start the day (A day full of road travel, may I add). My wife, as usual, had shown no signs of being aware of what was happening around. or that she was supposed to be up at this time, because of our impending travel. Not even a stir. She has this amazing ability to sleep right through the roaring of our morning alarm.
After some time spent on coaxing and cajoling her, she finally woke up. (infact she is sleeping next to me right now in the car while I am typing :-)) And By that time I had prepered my morning tea and was about to have it when I though ti was a good idea to heat some water for bathing. And when I went in, I encountered some “unfinished business” from last night! That was Mission – Lizard Kill. Last night we had a big fat house lizard crawl into our house, which had my wife petrified. In my attempt to guide the creature out of our house – trying my best not to harm it – I successfully managed to drive it right into our bathroom. And there it was sitting in anticipation all night – having shed its fat tail at the door, waiting for me to attack. In the morning I cornered it and had to kill it to get it out of the bathroom!. Actually there was a small communication problem! At first I politely asked it to leave the bathroom….but then I realized that it cannot speak English. So the next best option was to use the broom and take it to its ultimate salvation. Too bad, had to kill something first thing in the morning..But then these things are part of life..
Ok, coming back to my trip, we finally managed to get ready by around 6:54am and hopped on the car that was waiting to ferry us upto Trichy and back. It is a two day trip.Our first stopover was at the “Five Star Family Restaurant” on hosur road, next to the Ashok Leyland factory. This has sort of become the de-facto breakfast joint, thanks to RTMC [Rollingthunder Motorcycling Club].
Then began our onward journey and I must say that I relished the drive upto Krishnagiri. This is the point about where the good road ends and the lousy/bumpy/pothole ridden dharmapuri-salem road begins. And it is that very road on which I am at this time when I am writing.
Good thing I carried my laptop on this trip. SO that when my wife (she just woke up from her reverie), is sleeping, I can play my favorite Need For Speed or do something else. In fact I even carreid a couple of movies just in case we were too bored during the drive.BBut then thankfully, our driver has carried some good collection of music for our listening pleasure. All new songs but a good choice neverthe less. The typical “gaadi mein bajao” types of dhinchak-dhinchak music. Both Me and my wife sort of like such music when on a drive.
This road is only 2 lanes and no divider….and full of lots of asshole truckers – for a newbie, it would be a nightmare. But for us it is not because we already tasted this very route and that too on our Bullet – when we rode to Yercaud with RTMC.
9:55 PM 11/12/2005The Road was still bumpy….we wre watching Lakshya on the laptop, when the battery finally conked off…..One mode of entertainment shutdown!! And with that the flow of thoughts were just confined to my little busy mind. It is only now that I got a change to plug in the power cord and tap away on the keyboard.
We reached tirichy at around 3:30 in the afternoon – too late for lunch and too early for high tea! it was a very awkward time. We were totally exhausted. I had used a split timer and we had clocked close to 8 hours and 8 minutes through the entire trip. we started at 6:30 in the morning.
Once here and the initial pleasentries over, we got our room – a small room with a single bed (very romantic 🙂 ) and table and chair with an attached bath. Very spartan but good enough to spend the night. The engagement ceremony was at 6:00 pm so we had a couple of hours to unwind and freshen up, which we did in right around 6:30 we were ready to attend the ceremony.
What a beauty of coincidence….At one part of the country, my classmate was getting engaged TODAY (too bad I missed that) and here I was attending the engagement ceremony of the Eldest son of my father’s school class mate!
Amazing to meet the entire group of people who have been each other’s friends for more than 5 decades now! hard to find these days, I must admit.
Ok…Now back at my room. getting ready to call it a day! The marriage is tommorrow morning between 7 and 8 am.
1:53 PM 11/13/2005Woke up this morning at 5:00 am. THe marriage was to happen between 7 and 8 so wwe got ready and reached at around 6:40 am. The function was short. Not many ceremonies unlike our customs. But ANshu had a good time getting to see a totally new culture here. Our plans was to leave the place around noon so that we reach home in time.
Left the place as planned and now have been on the road for the past 2 hrs and 6 minutes as per my stopwatch. Looks like we will reach Salem in about another hour, where we will have some lunch and then proceed with the onward journey.
While on this narrow and winding road. ANshu took some pics with Banana trees in the backdrop and also a small video shot.


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  1. Vikram Prasad says:

    I have a bad ATTITUDE against roaches. I’m going to write a blog on that! I’ve added your blog to my favorites.

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