visualize….imagine….feel good…..confidence…..

I have heard several times that one of the key secrets of sucess in life is to have the courage to visualize yourself in the exact settings where you want to be one day…..and they will form the foundation for your reaching there in all certainity.

Today was one such day of imagination and visualization for me. Here I was, sitting at the wheel of a car, with a laptop tossed on the seat next to me…..all the trappings of luxury….ok if not luxury, at least it is a few notches above necessities. The whole setting made me feel happy for a small while and then suddenly my mind wandered off to the thought that — none of these actually belonged to me!

The Car belonged to a friend of mine at work, who was kind enough to lend it to me last night, to go the airport. In a gesture of gratitude, I put fuel in the car before returning it to him….I think that is the least I could do, immediately. And the notebook…oh that was given to me by my company to work remotely. But then at that momemnt, they were both – those items of utter materialistic desire – at my disposal…..and that was the “feel good” factor i would say.

When I was thinking that oh, how I desire these things in my life…in the same vein my mind also popped this amazing thought that “hey dude!…if you have come this far….that is to use these as your own, then the day is not very far (i am sure it is just around the corner)….when you would own these — that is a guarantee!”

I think today;s true to life visuallization was a way to realize the desire of having a good lifestyle! I am sure it will happen!


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