Back after a short break!

Oh yeah the break was much needed. But then I am feeling bad because it was a very short 6 day break. Just not sufficient, especially when you go avisiting your home town!

The whole feeling of being there is one of sheer deja vu. But then one needs to get back to work and the same old humdrum life back here in bangalore.

But this trip was a very educating experience.
1. Never go on a 1 week trip to hometonw. Next time will schedule atleast 2 weeks to 20 days.
2. Never try to pack to many “have to do”s into your limited time.
3. Enjoy and come back refreshed!

The highlight of this trip was that I honed my car driving skills and the fear of traffic is now completely removed!
I can now drive well and with confidently anywhere! Thanks to the excellent coaching given by my wife ( i am shure that would take many by surprise — yeah my wife is also my driving instructor).

Will post pictures soon, as the camera is still with my wife who decided to stay on a little longer!!


One Comment Add yours

  1. anshu says:

    I felt great to read that, I am your teacher…somewhere..:o)
    Owkay!! Now you owe me “Guru Dakshina” which I will encash when right time comes!!
    HA! HA! HA!

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