Infrastructure goes to the dogs!!!

NOTE: The pictures used, were sent via e mail and did not contain any copyright info. Hence they have been used at will.

People in Bangalore literally got to re-live that kevin costner movie, over the weekend….and beyond.
Bangalore is touted as the IT capital of our country and our very own silicon valley. But the stark reality is that it is not even a patch on – leave alone the original silicon valley – most other cities in this counry.
After the rainy weekend, most offices located in the swank Electronic city area, hosur road went on S.O.S. mode. the reason? The only road that connected the Electronic City with the “Actual” City – the HOSUR ROAD – was overflowing with water. Infact it would have been apt to rename hosur road to hosur lake or hosur falls. And sprinkling salt on an open wound, was the comment in a Newspaper – “Avoid Hosur road to reach Electronic City!” Ha ha ha.

All it takes is one good rainfall to expose the blatant holes in the infrastructure fabric of this city. There is just no planning (forget about action) to resolve the mess that this city is becoming with each passing day! Funny thing that Karnataka has one of the highest (i dont know which is the absolute highest) rates of road tax in the country and still there are no roads. Only small “meter length” stretches between pot holes! And the pot holes are now no longer holes, they have infact matured in to craters and canyons.
And rain water fills everywhere flooding the roads beyond usability. Will the governement care to clarify where all this money collected from Road tax is going????

There is no system to re-direct water off the road. Infact there is no road i nthe first place :D.
All that the govt is capable of doing is to throw the spanner into any kind of development activity. Eat up all the taxes and sit pretty announcing larger than life schemes, which everybody knows is not going to happen. Either they wont build roads or they will straightaway propose to build elevated flyovers in the air!

Traffic management seems like another unheard of concept in this city. All that happens in the name of “management” is ‘ad-hoc’, ‘knee jerk’ reactions to situations, without any concern of the long term effects of the action or any thought about the far reaching consequences.
“One Ways” Seem to be an all time favorite with the traffic department here. Every fortnight there seems to be changes happening. And all in an ad-hoc basis with no proper planning at all. Here are a couple of glaring examples:

1, the jayadeva flyover around the Jayanagar/JP Nagar area used to be from Ragigudda Temple moving towards BTM (the flyover was only on one side of the road) and suddenly after about a month, the flyover became operational from the opposite side. i.e. From BTM towards Ragigudda temple!

2, Bangalore seems to the first city in the world to use the path breaking concept of a traffic halt bang in the middle of the flyover! The flyover on top of the Richmond Circle/Double Road Junction which used to criss cross onto MG Road on the left and Airport on the right Now happens to be a two way flyover with traffic from both directions crossing each other to go to the other direction (Thankfully the people in power had the good sense not to let this happen all at the same time – if they did, it wouldnt come as a surprise at all). So one side stops while the other side passes and vice versa.

And it is an improbability that you would ever return the same way that you went from point A to point B.

This city is only going down from BAD to WORSE, thanks to the anti IT lobby who want to ensure that no improvements happen to this city.


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  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    How True! I hope any capable and concerning govt offical reads it and does something about it.

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