owkhay!! It worked…

Well on the one hand i am so excited that after a span of 5 weeks approximately, I have lost close to 9.5 kgs. From 104 kgs, I am down to 95.5 on last count!
But then it is also a case of so near yet so far. My target is to lose another 10. But hey i am happy that I am well on the path leading to my ultimate goal.
Ok now I would like to share the “secret” behind this sucess. And there is on one secret but a couple of them!!

  1. There is no shortcut- period. So you can stop reading all those miracle weightloss adverts. They are just bull crap.
  2. Have a sustained workout plan with more emphasis on cardio (aerobic) excercises and less of weight excercises (anaerobic) workouts. Ok ok the proponents of weight training may jump at this statement so let me clarify that I was a powerlifter and body builder so I understand fully the importance of strength training! What I am trying to say is that in a weight loss program even if you dont do any weight training, you will still benefit. Although weight training/strength training has its own pride of place in any type of workout.
  3. Have a diet plan in place. I have controlled the urge to overeat and yeah i have a plan in place for everyday diet which I follow religiously and am seeing the results.
  4. the most important! KEEP THE FAITH ~ everybody takes its own time to react to changes so dont expect a miracle in just a week. Keep at it.

So now in a week I manage to workout for about 4-5 days. and that does the magic. Due to time constraints, workouts everyday is not possible. But I do strictly stick to my diet and that helps.

And I know I am going to make it. The results speak for themselves.

I hope others who read this blog also get motivated to work towards a fitter body and mind!



One Comment Add yours

  1. bobbi jo says:

    Great job! Keep it up. I enjoyed my visit here and will be back.

    bobbi jo

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