BACK…with a bang!

After suffering for nearly 25 days from the niggling back pain, this week I can say that my back is BACK with a bang!!

On August 29th I suffered the worst back ache of my life – bad enough to get me hospitalized for a good 2 days. Man…that was bad.

The stay in the hospital did help in controlling the pain. But still the niggling after effects remained! I still could not bend down comfortably, lying in certain positions were painful and every morning I used to wake up with a stiff back and a tingling pain which threatened to blow up in to a full case of relapse! I was scared all the time.

But in all this, I knew one thing hard and fast that this is going to take some time in order to re-condition the back…back to its old agile self! ANd I was determined to do whatever it took to do this.
SO started the ardurous journey of my workouts. Me and my wife identify the problem areas which were:

  • We were overweight!
  • We were not eating right!

SO we decided to work on these two areas and I included the 4 excercises that were taught to me in my physiotherapy sessions into my excercise plan.

After working for about 26 days, now my back looks like completely cured.

No more pains while waking up. I can bend everywhere (although there is still some lack of flexibility — i am sure i till improve with time) AAND the big news is that I am eagery looking forward to the weekend BIKE ride to yercaud.

Now that I am feeling great, I am sure it will be a very enjoyable two day ride and this time my wife will also be with me…

Will post more about the trip along with pics next week…..


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