Us…..Fitness Freaks….

Continuing the series which was started by the post “Me..Fitness Freak!”, here is some more.

A recent photo of us :->
After buying the treadmill and using it for a couple of days, my wife and I came to this conclusion that our diet is also a big culprit in this obesity situation! So as a big step forward, we decided to have our own litle diet chart.

Honestly speaking, this has been something which I have wanted to implement in my household for a long long time. A systematic scheduled diet plan. Which is not only nutritious but also takes off a major headache – WhAT TO COOK TONITE??? (I am sure most women would be able to relate to this one predicament which they face every night of their life).

We created a schedule of food items, that we both agree upon and classified the list into three broad categories, Breakfast/Snacks; Lunch; and Dinner!

to be continued……
Finally continued on 29-Sept-2005 (….phew! Long time)

Ok, The schedule stunt really worked. When we created the schedule and decided to follow it. It was definitely a boon. Now we knew what exactly we will eat and in what quantities and that to well in advance. So what we ate as no longer by accident, but by choice.
The immediate effect of this activity is that both of us now feel decidedly lighter and more agile. Of course the weight shows very small signs of change but then we need to realize that if it took 8 months for us to gain, it is reasonable to take atleast 4-5 months for us to lose it if not more. So we have decided to give ourselves time and keep working out religiously and eat right.

So far….so good!!


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