Crisis…Back 2 Back!

Just when I thought that life was limping back to normal after that nasty Hosur Road bike crash, Here came another disaster! A crisis, which was absolutely uninvited, mistimed (as all crisis are) and absolutely unexpected!

I was to attend a team working skills workshop this monday (29-Aug), with Another team member from my project. Pretty happy about that! No work for 2 whole days :-D.
But what I did not know that although i would get a good week;s off, the euphoria is going to die down!

The training started late! Most corporate trainings start late because the participants almost always want to take it easy. Finally all arrived, and the whole thing started. I must say that it was a good training which I could not complete thanks to this crisis..

All went well, there was a lot of running around involved (which I later realized was one of the reasons for my problem; another reason was that I am a good 20 Kgs. Overweight – I am working towards reducing it {Read one of my previous posts ‘Me..Fitness Freak’}) Around 4:30 in the evening, there was a slight tightness around my lowerback and a mild shooting pain! I recognised this pain (has happend to me in the past also) and was constantly praying that it does not increase! But looks like god was on a holiday too! The pain grew and went on to become a full blown Lower Back Pain. This sort of pain usually occurs due to the excessive stress and strain on the lower back / bad sitting postures / prolong sitting / lousy lifestyles…All glowing hallmarks of our illustrious IT industry.

The last straw on my already broken back was that I was a good 20 Kilometers away from home, when all this happened! Now I had the painful ordeal of getting back home, wading through the peak Hour Hosur Road Traffic (that sucks…) and to add to my misery, the resort which was holding this training was totally “ill-equipped” to handle a medical emergency. The only thing they had in the name of first aid was Band-Aid and tincture. Both utterly useless for a back ache.

My friend was to drive me down 13kms and the last 7 kms were to be covered by autorickshaw (the other word for nightmare). The car ride was somewhat comfortable, even though it was a very small car and I fit in with some discomfort. But nevertheless, it was good. Atleast the suspension had some mercy on my condition. But when I boarded the autorickshaw, man it was a different world altogether. These guys drive their mini buggys like F1 cars. They will put a certain M. Schumacher to shame by the dexterity with which they negotiate turns and barge into the slightest of space left between two standing vehicles!

Somehow I managed to reach home, pain and all that… And wife put some ointment and gave me a hot water bag! That was somewhat relieving. I took a Brufen tablet and could sleep that night.

Tuesday – 30-August-2005
But tuesday Morning, I just could not get up from bed. It felt as if my back had caved in! I just could not move, even going to the Loo was such a challenge! If I bent more than 2 inches, I felt as if my back would break! We decided to visit the doctor ASAP (earlier decision was to wait’n’watch)

But since I was not even able to sit erect, we decided to go to the Hospital immediately!

On Reaching the hospital, I just could not keep myself erect anymore so I was on to a stretcher (I cannot explain the mental pain that I went through, realizing that I was reduced to be carried on a stretcher).
I was taken to the Spinal Cord specialist, who ordered an X-Ray and recommended Complete Bed Rest for the next couple of days! Since commuting back and forth hospital to home, would cause more pain, we decided to get me admitted to the hospital and stay in the hospital’s care for the next 2 days, with Round the clock Medication and proper attention. My status was still the same! Unable to Sit/Stand. But No pain when lying down.

The X-Ray report was normal and my suspiscions of a disc slip were put to rest. The Doc also checked up my leg movements, sensations on the legs etc, because he was suspecting nerve damage which could have lead to more serious consequences. THANK GOD nothing of that sort happened!

I was put on medication and complete Bed Rest for two days. The doc said that if the pain subsided in a day, then we are good. I can go home in two days and continue the medication. Our Initial goal was to control the pain, which was really driving me nuts. Day two was a lot more comfortable! The pain had come down.
And by mid-day, I could even sit up comfortably..The medicines were working. They also put a medicine patch on my lower back (localized treatment) for 24 hrs. I think that was also part of the magic.

On Day 2 at the hospital, I was very comfortable. My pain had almost subsided (90% i’d say) I could sit/stand/walk and even dance for a while. But pain was still there while transitioning from the lying down to the sitting up and standing. I was told that it will be so for the next couple of day’s before it is completely goes away!

Yesterday, the Doc saw me and said that I could be discharged as I was able to walk. But I was given some dos/donts such as NO Prolonged Sitting, No Bending as far as possible, No activity that puts strain on the lower back! I asked him, whether I could get back to my treadmill? Good that he said yes I could, as long as I dont feell stress on the back. I could do it slowly. That was good news, I could get back on track quickly and my target for the next 2 months is to lose weight and become fit and strong like the *good* old times 🙂

Now startted crisis part 2. I had claimed medical insurance. and after 4 hours of deliberation, the claim was denied with the reason that no ‘treatment’ was given and it was only oral medication with bed rest. So insurance does not cover it. What Bull shit! The whole purpose of Insurance was defeated. I had to pay from my pocket. My co. says that it will be reimbursed, but then my purpose of getting a medical insurance turned out to be a wasted effort. Now I will get this sorted when I get back to office next week.
I must admit that in all this crisis, the most important person – my wife – handled the entire situation with a rare blend of confidence and courage. She did not cave in emotionally altough I could see how she was feeling through here eyes! Amazing is the only word I have for her conduct.

Now I am back at home and on Bed Rest for the rest of the week, Hope the remainin part of the pain subsides soon and I am back to my normal self! I know I will bounce back…and back with a bang!! 🙂


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    Some helpful links for people suffering from back aches. I found them very informative:

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