When The Bull crashes…..

It has been a while since I wrote here…Good to be back is what I can say!
ok, for those of you who are wondering about reference to the ‘Bull’, it is my motorcycle. The Royal Enfield Bullet, fondly referred to as the ‘Bull’ by enthusiasts.

About 10 days ago (Aug-18, 2005, 07:15am), I had a bad accident while riding the ‘Bull’. Was commuting to office, as usual. Took to the National Highway 7 (its time they renamed it to Notorious Highway-7) a.k.a Hosur Road. About 20 minutes into the ride…..KABOOM…

aaaaa…aaaaarrggh..aa.aaaaaa…..Only screams…… and the whole world looks upside down.

Shit! my bike crashed (with me on it..) I just realized that I had fallen down and had severe pain on my left side.. I had never seen myself scream in pain like this before..(a first….i must say – probably i am getting old :p )

This, inspite of the fact, that I was OFF the main road and on the service road (as after thought i feel that this would never have happend had I been on the main road). Somewhere down the line, I was singing some song (it was a happy song..dont remember which one) and riding and generally enjoying the weather.

An Eicher Truck Was tailing me…nothing unusual about that. I assumed he will over takeme from the wrong side (not an exception but a rule…). But he made an exception! He overtook me from the right hand side (me was totally surprised at this educated gesture)! and seconds before my feeling of surprise could come to an end the stupid ass, took a sharp left in front of me and I just slided into the truck and fell hard on my left shoulder…OUCH! That hurt bad.

All I know was that I opened my eyes and I saw the sky and I knew that I had met with an accident. What a bad beginning for an otherwise good day!!
I was facing pain, I was afraid something had broken inside (luckily no broken bones as per the X-Ray report, which was done later – My good fortunes).

I was able to get up on my feet, examined the situation, My cellphone was gone – dead as a duck! The Bull had valiantly taken most of the beating! The crash guard took all the impact, so the bike was safe – just lost a mirror and a big gash on the rim of the head lamp and a bent foot rest. That was all the damage that happend to the Bull. Real piece of iron!

I assume, I must have applied both brakes because I fell like dead weight and did not skid. I was taken to the nearby hospital for some first aid and after a while, I was able to ride back 12 kms to my home. It is only afterwards that gradually all the pains made themselves visible to me.

So now I dont commute to office on the bull. It is reserved only for Local errands AND LOng Road Trips with the Bullet Group (rtmc).


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