Me…Fitness Freak!

Ok… can make that ‘super’ freak. To the extent that in my part of the world, certain pockets have made me the butt of their jokes! But As of today, my physique has been reduced (figuratively speaking… reallity it has become quite the opposite) of my former fit and muscular self!

Some Background……
I was fascinated with body building right from when I began to understand what it meant and started to identifiy with and appreciate big musclemen (Sameer Bannout; Dorian Yates; Naseer el Sonbatty; and not to forget the legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger — All of them competitors/winners of Mr. Universe Title). I was all of 15 then! And a really thin fellow.
But then to be very honest, the real inspiration came from closer to home. It was my eldest maternal uncle…who was an excercise and weight training enthusiast in his heydays. And even late into his 50s he used to excercse, although the obiquitous paunch had caught up with age. I have been seeing him excersise quite often and alwas wanted to grow big and strong..
It is this that got me started…at first with some floor workouts. and then eventually moving upwards..
Sadly, he passed on to his heavenly abode at around 61 years of age on May 21, 2005.

The Journey…..
In my teens, I used to dream of becoming a most successful body builder *someday*.
And thus began the long journey of fitness..very soon I realized that this is one path where one needs to keep walking for life..this is not a period activity. And the mantra of my life became – “No Pain/No Gain”. Eventually I grew up to be able to join a Gym. Wow I just cannot explain the excitement I felt, when I moved up from excercising at home to actually being inside a real GYM with real Body Builders..The rush was just too good. It is here that I took to serious weight training and body building and started reading a lot of material on how to workout wise..Even got hold of some important pages from the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Encyclopedia of Body Building (the bible for every aspiring Body builder).
And then somewhere in between my professional career started….that, I think was the end of my >>core<< body building days!!

The Present…..

Now that I am part of the burgeoning IT industry here, I may also note that professionals of this industry have successfully attained the notorious reputation of having one of the most “unhealty” lifestyles around…Hardly anybody thinks of workouts.

And I think as a country, we are just about waking up to the fact that being heavy does not mean being healthy!

Incidentally My wife also happens to be on the heavier side, and poor she… she never finds the time to go to a regular gym for a workout..and she was also an active athelete in her college days..(Nationals volley ball player, if I may add!). But then life and age caught on…and she also began to pile up the pounds. And both of us were moving towards bad physical shape, very fast…

HOORAY!!! We Changed It all last night….
For the past couple of months, me and my wife have been trying to workout plans where we could workout together..thanks to our schedules, nothing seemed to fall into place! The other option was not to workout together, but workout at different times….but then again she could not go to a gym (just too tedious)…not even able to take a walk on the street (the place I live in, it is a nightmare to walk on any street, with so much of vehicular traffic.)
We were also contemplating on buying a treadmill for our home for some time now… ANd finally after looking around the market, last night was the big night! We got delivery of our newly acquired treadmill..

It is a non-motorized machine with 8-level endurance adjustments; 3 levels of incline and it shows pulse rate; time; speed; distance and calories burnt! Really neat.
Now we both can workout at home, whethere it is good weather or bad weather outside. And we can work out at the time of our choice!! With this new acquisition, I am sure we both are back on track and already on the path leading to fitville! The next item on our wish list is a scale, so that we can quantify our progress towards weight loss program. I think it will be added soon……will surely write about it! 🙂


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