Stick to your guns

9:57 AM 7/9/2005 Stick to your guns
As a Software professional for the past 5 years (as ofthis writing), I have see the IT industry go through both the best and the worst of times. I have seen the days when receiving salary itself used to become a big question mark, forget about appraisals and raises. They were simply out of the question. I have worked for organizations where paying out the monthly salaries became an imminent challange. And I have also seen some big names, bite dust, when the dotcom/java bubble finally burst leaving a lot people and institutions out of business. That was a trying time. A time which brought with it, tonnes of confusion and mayhem and upheavel in the industry. There were hoardes of people who had flown out of the country, coming back. Lost jobs and wages cut were becoming the norm. The sad part was that on an Individual level, I had just decided to start my career in IT just a little before all this happened. So the initial returns to my decision was not very encouraging. Here I was, wondering, where is all that fabled wealth, that I have been hearing about the IT industry?? Totally confused but still trudging with smallish jobs. The big names were too scared now to hire a newbie. And the big jobs….where were they?? But in all this confusion, even to a certain extent, dissillusionment, one thing was very clear, as to where I wanted to reach eventually. And looking back today, I feel that the only reason that I have been able to come this far is because I did not change paths. I kept walking. Even during time when the path actually looked like the end of the road. There were moments of strong dissillusionment and self-doubt…moments which almost forced me to take a look at alternative career options. But somewhere in the back of my mind, there was this feeling that a turnaround will happen. There was a lot of criticism, some open and some discreet, about my decision to stay on in an industry that is not giving me the growth that I deserved. The fun part was that everybody believed I was capable but nobody wanted to give me the time frame to prove myself! Looking back, I realize that credibility is important for success in any kind of occupation. And the period during which that credibility is being built, is a painful transition period..a period where you are becoming somebody from a nobody. It is extremely critical that one remains persistent and committed towards one’s goals and ambitions during this period. Because most failures are those who just did not want to go through this period and were longing for some sort of instant success! The definition of this word differs from individual to individual, but the bottom line is that it is not 2-minute noodles. It takes its own time to build and comes to you when you are ready. In fact, if transition period was to be quantified in someway, then it may be said give your decision 1000 days (roughly 3 years). If after 1000 days the result is not what you visualized, then it is time to do a selfcheck and chart a course for improvement.The bottom line here is to keep your objective and you path clear in your mind and not to waver or change course, attracted by small short term gains.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said dear…
    I must add few lines to it …
    I was there with you when things were wrong and I tried to help you to overlook criticism and visualize good days, which were supposed to come your way…
    And Thanks to GOD, He gave you enough strength and wisdom to choose the right Path and come up to the level where you are.

    May God give you more wisdom, kindness and strength to excel in the future.

    – anshu

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