Trip to Yellagiri (Tamil Nadu) [Total Bikes – 17 and 20 members]

Sunday (10-July-2005) was a really exciting day in my life. One, it was a Sunday! and two, the more important reason was that I was going on my maiden Bike ride! Something I have been longing to do ever since I bought myself a Royal Enfield Bullet….Really very excited about the whole deal of riding with a bunch of fellow bikers, all on bullets of course and go to a place and be back. Amazing way to spend the sunday!
About the trip:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Due to high water level the team decided to ditch the Hogenakkal plan and the ride captain (Muthu) suggested Yellagiri Hills so we headed towards Yellagiri. We were to assemble at Raheja Arcade, Koramangala at 6:30 AM and start off at 7:00 AM sharp. So I planned everything one night in advance. Kept my bike papers, setup a small travel backpack decided on what I would wear and generally imagining how good all that is going to be. Now, in all this excitement, I forgot to do one crucial thing! I forgot to connect my cellphone (which also doubles up as my alarm clock) to the charger! And lo and behold….the battery conked off in the middle of the night…..because the stupid phone needs to be kept powered on, for the alarm to work! I had plans of waking up at 5 and then leisurely getting ready for my big day, in style….But here’s what actually happened! I slept…….and then I woke up with a jolt at 6:20 am sunday morning (remember we were to assemble at Raheja at 6:30 AM. And it was 6:20 AM…Holy Smokes!!!! the next 3.5 minutes were spent contemplating whether to go or to dump!! But then I took a call and said I will make it man!! This is a *not to be missed* category event…so i jumped out, brushed my teeth, went to the loo…NO NO. I went to the loo first, and then brushed my teeth; washed my face jumped into my cargos and Tee Shirt, picked up my bag and was out on my Bullet thundering torwads Raheja..(all this in 9 minutes flat….A fairly high achievement even by my own standards). Reached raheja at 6:45 AM…when Anil/Muthu were briefing the riders. Only then I came to know that the plan had changed..we were now *not* going to hogenakkal, as planned earlier, but we were now going to Yellagiri.. Wow man.. it was a real adrenalin rush to see 17 Big Bullets standing together!!! Ah..Maa..Zeeng ….And then….it all began..Anil was to lead the ride and we all went, first slowly thundering across the busy bylanes of koramangala, before hitting hosur road! It was fun to watch the people who were watching us..(in awe..may I also add 😀 ) Some had totally flumoxxed looks..I can understand that for a common bystander it can be a little more than overwhelming to see so many bullets trundling by and that too headlights switched on and all these bikers on top of them!!!
We were to regroup at HP petrolpump hosur and from there again at krishnagiri crossing.At hosur petrol pump, we had our fill of breakfast on dosa and idly/vada at 5 Star Family Restaurant. (only the name was 5* :p) the food was decent though!
The road from krihsnagiri towards yellagiri was a dream! Man what a road. almost all of us were belting 80-90 kmph. But the veterans like anil/draw actually touched 100 or more, I guess. Because at one point of time.i was doin some where close to 90 and I could see a small yellow dot (the headlamp) in my mirror and within seconds ……ZZURRRRRR……Anil crossed me and I was trailing behind by almost 600 meters! I need to pick up some riding tips from all these older guys like Anil and Muthu.
The climb up to yellagiri hills was fun too. Actually a learning experience, as I had not done anything like this before. And I must say that my bike responded favorbly to my (mis)handling and did not let me down midway. Of course there was frequent clutching and braking, something I hope will improve as I spend more time with my bike… the hill top was cool and the changin in climate was felt immediately. We stopped by the lake (on top of the hill) and took some fotoz and came back down!
The next part of the trip was lunching on “Khaja” hotel biryani at Vaniyambadi. Khaja’s place was closed for his son’s marriage (incidentally we crossed the wedding venue while coming downhill) so we had to settle for Ahmedia’s. Not bad I would say. And every one (I assume) was so hungry that nobody really bothered about how the food was :p.
The Ride back commenced at around 3:00 PM and this time there were to be minimal breaks. Sagar, Inder and Me and one of Draw’s friend were almost together the whole time! taking breaks after around 30 kms. Afte I while I was riding alone…and when i touched Hosur, it started to drizzle at first and then rain cats and dogs all of a sudden!!! At first I thought I will stop, but then something inside me told me to take an experience of riding in the rain! so i just slowed down to around 65-70kmph and kept it stead through the rain. And then reached into karmataka. I knew it because all the area names suddenly started to end with “SANDRA”. Then touched hosur road and got stuck in a JAM. (happy homecoming i could say) because that 10 km stretch of hosur road was home ground for me! Finally reached home at around 6:20 PM. Almost 12 hrs…i guess but a terrfic day out! Really looking forward to more such encounters with the Bullet!!! Enjoyed the ride thoroughly!
Ride Summary;
+ Assembly – Raheja Arcade, Koramangala
+ Breakfast at Hosur (5 Star restaurant @ HP petrolpump)
+ Head for yellagiri hills+ Lunch @ Vaniyambadi
+ The group started by 3.00 p.m and reached Bangalore from 6.30 (DRAW) to 9.00 p.m (Muthu)
Total Bikes – 17 and 20 membersCasualties – Bikes -Nil , “Small Moe” killed a monkey and Advaith fractured his left armPics @


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anshu ( Anand's loving Wife ) says:

    I Wish, I were there with you Darling!
    Unfortunately, I missed this! Only thing I can do now is just to read ur blogs and listen to your descriptions about this event over the fone!
    I missed the excitement this time but Don Worry! Next time, I will also accompany you when I am back home from this ‘boring’ London Trip.

  2. andyspeak says:

    ————————————— As posted by Vishu Shetty ————————————————-


    Met Advaith at the hospital and is doing fine after the surgery. He is back on his feet and will be discharged tomorrow. He has been advised rest for 8 weeks and I guess will be out of action for another 6 months.

  3. Anil Kumar S says:

    “But the veterans like anil/draw actually touched 100 or more, I guess. Because at one point of time.i was doin some where close to 90 and I could see a small yellow dot (the headlamp) in my mirror and within seconds ……ZZURRRRRR……Anil crossed me and I was trailing behind by almost 600 meters! “

    Bugger you will get me killed – if some one from my family happens to read this..:)

  4. Joy says:

    hey anand,

    glad to read ur writeup and to know that ur wife also rides the bull… get her own bull and it will be terrific when two of you go on a long ride, two bullets together.

    this is joy (rajababu of rtmc)… u dont know me but i keep track of everything at rtmc.

    take care and ride safe and eat up thousands of kilometers soon.

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