Amitabh is awesome!! [from my old blog]

Last night I went to see the movie BLACK, just to see what all this noise is all about.
Man…what to say! this movie is simply awesome. Amitabh and Rani have both done amazingly amazing (for lack of a better adjective) work in this file. And director sanjay leela bhanshali defenitely deservs a word of applause for creating an international standard film which is to the point, handles the issue at hand only and does not go into unnesessary melodrama and song and dance sequences.. (btw. there were no songs in the movie — welcome relief 🙂 ).
I couldnt help comparing the Amitabh of yore (Angry young man) with This ageing teetering old man with sagging shoulders and melancholic eyes. What a contrast! What has this man got in store for us in the days to come???? Nobody else could have portrayed Debraj Sahai better than the Big B himself.. the character required a larger than life presence which only Amitabh can have. instead of Big B he can be safely called the “BIGGEST“ B — (there couldnt be a bigger one anymore). I am truly amazed at the way he was used in this movie.
And Rani Mukherjee…If there is something called “lifetime achievement” — I believe she has done it in BLACK. She has performed extremely well. For once one does believe that she is Michelle McNally and not Rani Mukherjee. Simply AWSOME performance.
Now for the film itself. No Nonsense approach to a persons life. No miracles happening here (….mandir ke andar aankheen theek ho jana and other such comedies).
SLB has handled the movie and the concept very nicely. A special mention here about the realization of Michelle’s sexuality. that is a touchy subject but was handled with absolute class — no cheapness at all.
I am trying my best not to divulge too much about the storyline, lest it spoils your fun of watching the movie, but I would like to end this piece with the statement that this is a truly international quality movie and I hope more people have the courage to experiment with unconveintional topics like his rather than sticking to the ageold twins separated in a tradefair type of masala mixes!!


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